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Deep Forest – Embodiment and Touch Ritual

December 15, 2017 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

This extended, deepened version of ‘The Forest’ is only for people that have already done ‘The Forest’ in its normal form.
If you’ve done The Forest, you already know what a special and interesting ritual it can be. Deep Forest is if for you if you would like to go deeper into the forest.

We will begin by greeting each other, and reviewing boundary-setting and communication protocols.
Without a great deal of delay, we will then enter deeply into the forest, allowing ourselves more latitude for adventure and expression, since we’ve been here before, and have a certain amount of familiarity now.
If a safe-word is used in The Forest, will it be heard? …Yes – just like nature intended! Along with all of the other sounds one might hear amongst the old-growth.
The workshop includes debriefing and discussion.

As always, you set the limits of your experience according to what is right for you. Although venturing into the Deep Forest allows a wider range of experiences, there is no pressure or expectation on you to even participate at all.

Gender and sexual attraction: In the Deep Forest, no reference will be made to gender (or anything else) for activities. Therefore, to participate in this ritual, you accept that you may be touched (within the limits you define) by people of any gender. The ritual is not about being attracted to the giver; it is about your experience as the receiver, and the tantalising delight of playing with the unknown.

INTENSITY: Since you have already done the standard version of ‘The Forest’, you already know you’re comfortable with the ritual, and you know how intense it is for you personally.
WHO FOR: Those that have done the standard version of ‘The Forest’, and found themselves wanting to go deeper.
WHO NOT FOR: Not for people that haven’t done ‘The Forest’ workshop, and not for people uncomfortable with touch from people of any gender.
WILL THERE BE PARTNER WORK?: A small amount, but most of the workshop is spent in the ritual described above.
HOW WILL PARTNERING BE DONE?: By the facilitator, randomly.
CAN YOU WORK WITH AN EXISTING PARTNER / FRIEND?: No, unless chance puts you together.
NUDITY: Some people may choose to do the ritual semi- or fully-naked, however there is no expectation or requirement that you remove any clothing.
SEXUAL CONTENT: The workshop is about sexual concepts, and touch in particular.
COMMITMENT: You may leave the workshop before the ritual begins, if you decide it’s not right for you. You may also set as many boundaries as is right for you, ensuring that touch only happens to the level that’s right for you at the time.
RATIO EXPERIENTIAL / THEORETICAL: Mostly experiential. Some theory / discussion relating to safety, boundaries, and conduct.
BRING: A water bottle, and any snacks you might need.
WEAR: Whatever you’re comfortable in.

PRICE: $30-$50.
Pricing is in three rounds: there are 6 tickets at $30, 8 tickets at $40, and a limited amount of additional tickets at $50. Effectively, this means getting in early to get a concession / early-bird / discounted ticket!

BOOK TICKETS: https://www.trybooking.com/QMNK

Roger Butler is an exceptional facilitator. He has a diploma in facilitation, and extensive postgraduate training in psychology and working with groups. This is backed up by experience designing and running around a thousand workshops over the course of 20 years, and it results in a learning experience that is fun, accessible, consistently high quality, and about as safe as sex gets.
Roger lives and breathes a very sex-positive and body-positive existence. He offers a model of consent that goes beyond simply getting appropriate permissions; consent becomes the very thing that turns everyday sex into superb sex.
Roger is all for sexual experience as simple hedonistic pleasure, but can also make a great case for how good sex communications skills lead to world peace and political change! He is well schooled in kinky sex, ‘normal’ sex, and modern tantra practices (including the Urban Tantra professional training program).
He is a passionate advocate of gender equality in a way that is genuinely welcoming of women, men, and people of other gender identities. He established Curious Creatures in 2011, and is the principal facilitator.

Curious Creatures run a wide variety of kink, tantra, sex-positivity, and psychology workshops. The best way to stay informed of upcoming events is to join the Community and Events Newsletter here: http://www.curiouscreatures.biz/contact.html

Generic fine-print for Curious Creatures workshops:
By making this booking, I confirm that:

– I will not reveal the names or personal details of any person in the workshop.
– I have no reason to believe I am likely to fall into an altered states of consciousness (such as extremely strong moods, psychotic or schizophrenic states, numbness, trauma response) where I am unable to communicate and look after myself.
– I am able to take responsibility for saying ‘no’ to any activity, experience or exchange that is not right for me. I will put my knowledge of my body and my psychology ahead of anything I am asked to do.
– I have free will, and if I need to leave the workshop at any time, I can. If I do, I will let the facilitator know I am leaving if it’s possible to do so, or get in touch with the facilitator/s afterwards to let them know why I left.
– I am an adult and I understand that this workshop is about sex and sexual practices.
– I don’t believe I am currently suffering from trauma or abuse.
– I can understand complex instructions given in English.

I may request a refund up until 48 hours prior to the workshop. A $20-per-ticket fee will be deducted from my refund.


December 15, 2017
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
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Curious Creatures



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