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Curiosity – Workshop only

August 6, 2017 @ 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm

NOTE: This is a special workshop scheduled on a Sunday prior to the play-space. We’ve set it up this way to accommodate people who cannot attend a workshop on Saturday, when we normally schedule them. This ticket includes the full workshop and entry to the play-space on a following weekend, in addition to the Sunday meet-up.

Curiosity is a very unusual exploration of sexuality, self-development, and liberation. It’s an experiment in community and self-development that uses sexuality as a starting point.
Curiosity consists of three main parts: A workshop, a play-space, and the Sunday Sessions. (Other events and activities are also run exclusively for the Curious community, from time to time).

The workshop is your first port of call. You cannot attend any other activity until you’ve done the workshop – however, once you’ve done the workshop, you can enjoy the other elements of Curiosity as often as you’d like, knowing that everyone around you has the same high standard of understanding of language, attitude, and agreements.

The workshop (generally on a Saturday afternoon) includes some discussion, training, and practical exercises relating to communication and consent. It includes:
• Boundary setting, and working out what you are and aren’t interested in.
• Tools and practical exercises in communicating your interests and boundaries.
• Safety issues (ranging from the emotional through to the physical).
• Etiquette.
• How to approach and communicate about sexuality and relationship concepts.

In short, the workshop prepares you with the information and attitude you need to conduct yourself well, and enjoy yourself, at the play-space. It is, by itself, a decent instalment in your journey of self-discovery.

The Play-Space (generally on a Saturday evening) is a “sex-positive” space, simply meaning that a lot of forms of self-expression are welcome. It is often described as being a space where adults learn to play again. You are encouraged not to put any pressure on yourself to have any particular kind of experience – especially if it’s your first time at Curiosity. The play-space has a mood and feel that is generally light, accessible and friendly, and where you are welcome to simply chat and observe. But if you are feeling adventurous, you’ll quickly come to appreciate the shared language and culture around consent and safety.

The Sunday Sessions pick up from where the previous day’s workshop left off. It includes reflections and discussions about the Play-Space, integration of what you learned, reflections and celebrations, and future goal-setting. The Sunday Sessions often include special and profound conversations, and for many people is the best part of Curiosity.

The first time you do Curiosity, you must do the workshop, the play-space, and the Sunday Session. After that, you are welcome to attend the play-space as often as you like, but are also encouraged to continue attending the Sunday Sessions (for free) since this is where so much learning and community building happen. (Some folks also tend to wander off to the pub together, afterwards).

Curiosity’s Play-Space generally happens on the second weekend of every month, with workshops for new people happening every second month – keep your eye on the calendar.

INTENSITY: At least three out of four chillies. This event is run as safely and cautiously as possible, however the content can involve challenging material for some people.
WHO FOR: People that have already taken their first steps into the world of their sexuality (or that strongly relate to how this is pitched). People of any gender or sexual orientation. People that are interested in expanding and extending themselves. People who enjoy a lot of consciousness and consent in their adventures.
WHO NOT FOR: People looking for a slow first step on their journey of self-discovery. Curiosity is not for people uncomfortable with a diversity of genders and sexual expressions.
WILL THERE BE PAIR-WORK? Yes, during the workshop.
HOW WILL PAIRING BE DONE? If you don’t already have a partner, pairing will be done completely randomly, via a number system, with no regard to gender or anything else. Please note, all exercises can be taken only to the level that’s right for you at the time. The content of this workshop is educational rather than a dating service, so it doesn’t matter who you’re working with. A couple of activities involve asserting your boundaries in relation to touch, and making sure you can communicate and respond to “no”.
NUDITY & SEXUAL CONTENT: The weekend is about sex and sexual expression. The Saturday workshop includes discussion of sexual content, and the play-space includes nudity and various expressions of sexuality.
COMMITMENT: You may sit out of any activity, or participate only to a level that’s right for you. There is no expectation that you will want to play at the play-space; you are encouraged to observe only. There is no expectation you will get naked.
RATIO OF DISCUSSION TO EXPERIENTIAL: The workshop is about 50/50.
BRING: Saturday afternoon – water bottle, your own snacks, comfortable clothing. Saturday evening – clothing that expresses your sexuality. More info upon booking.
WEAR: As above.

PRICE: Early tickets $200 ($170 concession), most tickets $230 ($200 concession).
The first time you do Curiosity, you buy a ticket which includes the workshop, the play-space, and the Sunday Sessions. After your first Curiosity, you can attend just the play-space as often as you want (and are encouraged to also attend the Sunday Sessions for free, since they’re such an important part of the community and your learning).
Tickets are available in rounds; cheaper ’round one’ tickets encourage you to book in early; ’round two’ tickets are available until the workshop is starting to get full, when ’round three’ ticket pricing applies. The base price for a full (non-concession) ’round two’ ticket is $230 – less if you book in early, possibly more if you book in at the last minute.

BOOK TICKETS: https://www.trybooking.com/LZPZ

Curiosity is an unusual event.
It doesn’t subscribe to the idea that sex (or sexiness) needs to look any particular way; as a consequence, it attracts a really wide range of people, with a really creative array of sexual expression.
Its model of consent is one where, in almost all cases, activities should be discussed before they happen. This is especially the case where people are playing with people for the first time; it is most definitely not a space where activities or individuals “flow” into one another. In general, if you don’t discuss something first, don’t do it. (On the other hand, you may be pleasantly surprised at just how open and up-front people can be about their curiosities).
Curiosity realises that none of us can really grow or blossom in a critical environment. So while there are lots of people with a range of experience, there is no expectation that you should already know any particular thing – or even, in most cases, that there is one single correct way of doing things. So long as activities are safe and consented to, your way is the perfect way. Curious Creatures run a lot of other workshops (some publicly, and some only for the Curiosity community) to assist with your skills development, and other workshop providers can be found on Curious Creatures’ resources page. But you need to find your own style and interests, and Curiosity aspires to providing a space for that.
Curiosity is not moody, dark, or pretentious. It is generally light, with a lot of smiling faces, and a reasonable diversity of people.
Mostly importantly, beware of the expectations you place on yourself. Bring a spirit of curiosity and openness, and you can’t go wrong.

Roger Butler (from Curious Creatures) is a sex positive learning geek. Formally trained in facilitation and psychology, they make an amazing educator in the world of sexuality. They see sexuality as something that can be simple hedonistic pleasure, or a life- and world-changing activity and lifestyle (and everything in between). They get all excited and gooey about sharing their empowerment model with other people, and they cling dearly to the belief that feedback alone has the capacity to make the difference between okay sex and great sex. Rog has facilitated hundreds of workshops on a variety of topics, for thousands of people. They are utterly obsessed with gender equality and diversity. Rog was one of the original two facilitators behind Discovery, which in many ways preceded Curiosity.

Curious Creatures run a wide variety of kink, tantra, sex-positivity, and psychology workshops. The best way to stay informed of upcoming events is to join the Community and Events Newsletter here: http://www.curiouscreatures.biz/contact.html


August 6, 2017
1:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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Curious Creatures


Ground Floor, 1 Pitt St
Brunswick, 3056 Australia

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