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Intermediate Little Sex Games

April 28 @ 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Intermediate Little Sex Games for Couples (all orientations) & Singles (paired with any gender)

Exploring your sexuality, pleasure, and self-expression to an intermediate level.

If you liked the introductory level of ‘Fun Little Sex Games’ and are ready to take things to the next level, then this intermediate workshop is for you (along with the advanced version, which is generally run the next day).
By now you know that Fun Little Sex Games are geared around being accessible, fun, and with just enough structure to support your wildness. But you also know that they weave in a lot of self-development, relationship and sexuality skills. In this intermediate workshop, you are offered some more substantial investments in these areas. Activities will support a deeper exploration of your self-development and sexual learning.

The workshop (and ‘Advanced Little Sex Games) is pitched at people wanting to get more serious about their sexuality. It will appeal to:
• People in relationships that have agreed they would like to go to new levels.
• Individuals that want more than a quick flirt with their sexuality and self-development.
• Sex workers and other touch professionals seeking more self-confidence and communication tools (as well as some great tools for working with clients).

INTENSITY: Moderate. This class fits between the introductory ‘Fun Little Sex Games’ and ‘Advanced Sex Games’.
WHO FOR: People wanting to invest in their sexuality, relationship, and self-development skills. You should have already done introductory ‘Fun Little Sex Games’ first.
WHO NOT FOR: Not for people taking their first steps into the world of sexuality, or that haven’t already done ‘Fun Little Sex Games’. Not for people uncomfortable sharing space with people of a variety of different genders.
WHAT ACTIVITES?: To be advised.
WILL THERE BE PARTNER WORK?: Yes. There will be some solo practices, some pair-work (see below), and some group exercises.
HOW WILL PARTNERING BE DONE?: For pair-work exercises, people without a partner will be paired by the facilitator using a random system, without reference to gender or anything else. Every activity can be done just to the level that’s right for you at the time, however if you are uncomfortable doing basic touch exercises with people of a particular gender (or anything else), you’ll need to bring a partner or friend to work with.
CAN YOU WORK WITH AN EXISTING PARTNER / FRIEND?: Partly – most of the pair-work exercises can be done just with a nominated partner. However, there are some gentle group practices, and some simple pair-work activities done with others.
NUDITY: Possible, in that some participants may want to remove items of clothing for some exercises. There is no expectation that you will be naked.
SEXUAL CONTENT: The workshop is primarily about sexuality. Adult concepts will be discussed and practiced.
COMMITMENT: Anyone may always sit out of any activity as they wish. Larger activities will be described before they begin, so that you can make an informed decision about your level of participation. The “element of surprise” is studiously avoided.
RATIO EXPERIENTIAL / THEORETICAL: About 75% practical, 25% theoretical or discussion.
BRING: Lunch (or buy from local cafes), snacks, water bottle.
WEAR: Anything that makes you comfortable.


Tickets are released in ‘rounds’, where ‘round one’ tickets are cheaper, to encourage you to book in early. There is no other difference between the ‘rounds’ of tickets.
For this workshop, tickets range in price from $90 to $140.
It is never possible to buy tickets on the door, nor by paying with cash. See our FAQ for more information on this.
Unless otherwise stated, workshops start at the advertised time, and doors will be locked ten minutes later. This is because late arrivals interrupt the dynamic of the group, and will miss crucial safety information.


Curious Creatures believe in sexual empowerment, self-development, community, consent, and communication. We pursue these aims by running workshops, producing a podcast (‘Curious Conversations About Sex’), hosting events, speaking publicly, and writing about topics close to our hearts.
Find out more about us, and check out our other workshops:

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Roger Butler is the driving force behind Curious Creatures, along with some very special co-facilitators. Roger Butler was brought up white, middle-class, mostly heterosexual, and male. In addition to that lineage, they now identifies as kinky, tantric, polyamorous, queer, and very, very curious. Their training is in Process Oriented Psychology and the facilitation of groups, coupled with an extensive education in sexuality.

Rog has been creating and facilitating Curious Creatures sexuality workshops for six years. Prior to this they facilitated well over a thousand workshops across various industries. They’re easily one of Australia’s most prolific sexuality workshop facilitators.

By making this booking, I confirm that:
– I will not reveal the names or any personal details of any person in the workshop (except the facilitators).
– I have no reason to believe I am likely to fall into an altered states of consciousness (such as extremely strong moods, psychotic or schizophrenic states, numbness, trauma response) where I am unable to communicate and look after myself.
– I am able to take responsibility for saying ‘no’ to any activity, experience or exchange that is not right for me. I will put my knowledge of my body and my psychology ahead of anything I am asked to do.
– I have free will, and if I need to leave the workshop at any time, I can. If I do, I will let the facilitator know I am leaving if it’s possible to do so, or get in touch with the facilitator/s afterwards to let them know why I left.
– I am an adult and I understand that many of Curious Creatures’ workshops are about sex and sexual practices. I understand that while the organisers are strongly committed to safety, there is no such thing as a ‘safe space’, and that I am responsible for my own safety.
– I don’t believe I am currently suffering from trauma or abuse.
– I can understand complex instructions given in English.
– I have read and agree to the refund policy, at


April 28
10:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Curious Creatures


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