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Amitayus Ricky

Amitayus Ricky

I have asked myself these questions and more, for my entire adult life, dedicated to growth and healing.  By no means is my work entirely done.  I feel firmly that healing, and spirituality, are a spiral process. Yet I have been able to make real progress in my years of self – examination.  The real turning point for me in these aspects was my introduction to YOGA  &  TANTRA.

With the tools provided by Yoga and Tantra I have been able to step into my power as a man, embrace and explore my sexuality, and come to know real forgiveness and acceptance. 

My teachers, friends, lovers, students and clients consistently describe me as passionate, firery, fully of integrity, honest, compassionate, intuitive, patient and loving.  I am constantly being told by people that they are surprised how short I am, because I seem so huge.

 So if you’re ready to explore and empower your sexuality, your relationship with the masculine, or your relationship with death, grief and impermanence, then let’s go!  I am excited to share what I have learned on my journey, the tools and strategies that have allowed me to overcome such adversity and come to a place of power, gratitude and joy!

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